Past Reaffirmation Efforts

WSCUC Commission Action Letter 2013

UCI underwent a three-stage, multi-year, self-study process beginning in Fall 2009 which engaged the campus in institution-wide reflection on capacity and educational effectiveness. The reaffirmation of accreditation completed in 2012. The first stage was the development of the Institutional Proposal submitted and approved in Fall 2009, the second stage was the Capacity and Preparatory Review completed during Spring 2011, and the third stage was the Educational Effectiveness Review completed during Fall 2012.

The Institutional Proposal is the first stage in the reaccreditation review cycle and guides the entire review process. It introduces the three themes and their research questions that the campus has selected for in-depth study and establishes a framework for connecting the campus context and priorities with the Standards of Accreditation. Once accepted by WSCUC, the proposal serves as the primary basis for both the institutional self-review and team evaluations. The Proposal was developed by the WSCUC Steering Committee. The final version was approved by the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, other senior administrators, Academic Senate leadership, and Deans and was submitted to WSCUC on November 1, 2009WSCUC letter to UCI accepting the proposal. 

Following WSCUC’s acceptance of our Institutional Proposal, the second step in the reaccreditation process was the Capacity and Preparatory Review (CPR). The CPR evaluation focuses on the programs, policies, and infrastructure that prepares the campus for the last step in the process. Capacity and Preparatory Review Final Report from April 2011.

The third step in the reaccreditation process was the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER). In this step, the three campus themes, as well as UCI’s research into Student Success, are explored in more depth, with special emphasis on the assessment and improvement of student learning and the development of a culture of organizational learning and improvement. UCI’s three themes are Student Learning in the Major, General Education, and Academic Program Review. UCI focused on transfer student success for the CPR, especially in the areas of writing and unit loads. Our investigations were followed by specific interventions. For our EER phase, we are studying first-generation/low-income students to better understand how effective our programming is for their success and how we might improve our services. Final Educational Effectiveness Review Report