Step II: Undergraduate Full Proposals for Program Changes

After a division has added the intent to create a new academic degree program or unit by adding it to the Five-Year Perspectives, changing the name of an existing program, or transferring, consolidating, discontinuing, or disestablishing (TCDD) an existing program to the Five-Year Perspectives, further steps for program development will begin. 

Undergraduate Program Actions:

As per the UCOP Compendium, all actions involving undergraduate degree programs are administered by the individual campuses and do not undergo system-level review except in the following cases:

  • establishment of a hybrid undergraduate/graduate degree program;
  • creation of an undergraduate degree title unique to the campus;
  • discontinuance of an undergraduate degree title that is the last of its kind on a campus;
  • discontinuance of an undergraduate degree program that is the last of its kind in the UC system (Section IV.A).

In these cases please contact the Division of Academic Planning ( for further consultation.

Creating a New Program

Transfer, Consolidation, Disestablishment, Discontinuance (TCDD) of a Program, Unit, or School

Program Name Changes