Special Projects

Black Thriving Faculty Cluster Hiring Program

Across a two-year period, this program will allocate 10 positions campuswide for proposals that advance the understanding of the Black experience and the drivers of well-being for the Black community. The first round of the program in AY 2020-21 allocated four campus FTE (and was supplemented by an additional investment from one of the schools) to support a cluster hire focused on environmental health disparities. Each cluster will receive a $50,000 supplement annually for three years to support programming efforts to advance the theme of the hiring program. Leveraging school-based priorities, this program is designed to recruit scholars with research or creative programs that focus on understanding anti-Blackness and its varied manifestations in human activity and expression; or public policy solutions to structural racism in criminal justice, education, environment, health and wellness, urban planning and policy; or broadening participation in science and technology, business, and innovation.