Institutional Research

The Division of Institutional Research collects, analyzes, and interprets a wide variety of data about the university and its external environment for the purposes of assessing  institutional outcomes, measuring institutional performance against strategic planning goals, comparative analysis with peer institutions, and reporting to campus constituencies and external agencies. Together, Academic Planning and Institutional Research will strengthen the alignment of data, analysis, and decision support with broad academic and strategic planning.

Mission Statement

The Division of Institutional Research supports UCI’s ongoing development and progress towards its brilliant future by unifying people, data, and information. We serve as a campus advocate and resource on

  • aligning data, analysis, and decision support;
  • employing practices that demonstrate our commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion; and
  • engaging in evidence-based, comprehensive, and deliberate academic and strategic planning.

Our team takes primary responsibility for the development and review of academic programs, accreditation, incubation of programs, establishment and implementation of campus initiatives, strategic plan development and measurement, institutional reporting, comparative benchmarking, and data analysis on a variety of key performance indicators.