Proposal Process for New Schools, Colleges, and Units

New Schools and Colleges Proposals:

The establishment of a new school or college is a two-step process and takes at least two years to complete. At least one year before submitting a full proposal, proponents of the new school or college must submit a pre-proposal first to the Divisional Senate. The pre-proposal is separate from any documents that accompany the Five-Year Perspectives, and should address the categories of review noted above. Even though it will be shorter than the full proposal, it must contain sufficient detail to allow the Divisional and Systemwide Academic Senates to complete an initial evaluation of the proposed academic unit.

Please contact the Division of Academic Planning at for a sample for a new program proposal.

Pre-Proposal Process:

Proposal Process:

If approved by Divisional Senate and after incorporating comments on the pre-proposal, campus proponents of the new school or college forward the full proposal to the Divisional Senate. If the Divisional Senate approves the full proposal, the Chancellor forwards it to the Provost and the Academic Council Chair for review.

Notice of Process for Submission of the Post-Proposal:

If a campus proposal to establish a new school or college is approved by the Regents, but not established within seven years of the date of that approval, the campus must resubmit the original proposal along with a post-proposal to its Divisional Senate. The post-proposal addresses the changes in the budgetary environment, the academic field(s) and related curriculum, as well as the need for and fit of the proposed school or college since the submission of the original proposal.

Schools, Colleges, and Unit Name Changes

A simple name change may not be used to accommodate substantial curricular changes or resource requirements of a school or college. To initiate the process for a simple name change, the Dean of the school or college submits a rationale and justification of the name change to the Divisional Chair for approval. If the simple name change is approved by the Divisional Senate, it is forwarded to the Academic Council Chair.

Transfer, Consolidation, Disestablishment, or Discontinuance of Schools, Colleges, and Units

All proposed TCDD actions for academic units should be included in the campus Five-Year Perspectives as early as possible in the proposal development process. Appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that systemwide implications are considered.