Academic Planning Group

As of October 11, 2022:

The Academic Planning Group (APG) is a joint Academic Senate-Administration body that advises the provost on academic planning and other campus priorities. APG’s deliberations demonstrate UCI’s ongoing commitment to shared governance. The group’s recommendations inform the provost’s considerations regarding issues of strategic importance to the campus.

The APG works primarily through formation of ad hoc task groups to address specific topics chosen for the year.  The APG may also be asked to opine as a group on topics for which short-term input is needed.

APG Task Groups: Topics for the ad hoc task groups will be generated by the provost in consultation with the Senate and the senior campus administration. The APG provides task groups with specific charges and asks for focused recommendations. Task groups will generally be chaired by one member of the Senate and one member of the Administration. Subject matter experts will be invited to participate in the task groups. When constituting task groups, the APG strives to keep issues of diversity and campus representation at the forefront.  Task groups may also invite other experts to participate in their deliberations. The work of task groups is considered by the APG and ultimately presented to the provost.

Core APG: In consultation with Senate leadership, the relative size of the core APG will be determined each year to maximize the effectiveness of the group and to use everyone’s time as judiciously as possible. At a minimum, the core group will be made up of the co-chairs of the ad hoc task groups for any given year, along with at least one additional administrative and one Senate representative, and staff support from the Senate office and the Office of Academic Planning and Institutional Research. 

Conversations among APG and APG task groups are confidential unless the co-chairs decide to engage others strategically in developing the best possible recommendations for the provost.

2023-24 Academic Planning Group (APG) Roster 

  • Valerie Jenness - APG Co-Chair, Chair Elect, Academic Senate
  • Roxane Cohen Silver - APG Co-Chair, Vice Provost, Academic Planning & Institutional Research
  • Nina Bandelj - Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Development
  • Sharon Block - Associate Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Gustavo Carlo - Professor, School of Education
  • Anita Casavantes Bradford - Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Diversity, School of Social Sciences
  • Michael Dennin - Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
  • Franklin Dollar - Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, School of Physical Sciences
  • Gillian Hayes - Vice Provost, Graduate Education
  • Joanna Ho - Professor of Accounting
  • Christopher Hughes - Associate Dean of Research and Innovation, School of Biological Sciences
  • Karen Lincoln - Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Michael Lee - Professor, Cognitive Sciences
  • Jesse Wolfson - Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Gina Anzivino, Ex Officio - Associate Director, Academic Senate
  • Andrea Bell, Ex Officio - Strategic Program Director, Academic Planning