Prior Initiatives

The UCI Academic Initiative program seeks to unravel some of the world’s most challenging problems through cross-discipline collaboration.

A key component of the UCI strategic plan is to invest in growth that makes a difference. The Academic Initiatives program not only promotes interdisciplinary partnership, but also encourages research, educational programs, inclusive excellence, outreach and community engagement – all key elements in addressing the world’s grand challenges.

Below are prior Academic Initiatives.

UCI Brain

UCI Brain will advance our knowledge through enabling state-of-the-art collaborative research, developing the next generation of leading neuroscientists and creating an innovative digital hub for resource sharing and interactions.

Data Science Initiative

In an increasingly data-centric world, electronic information has become a critical element in modern research, education, medicine and business. The Data Science Initiative brought together faculty from almost every school to explore overlapping interests in the area of data science/big data, including methodology, infrastructure, theory, policy, and education.

Education Research Initiative

The UCI Education Research Initiative is a multidisciplinary community of people who care about improving the educational experiences of our students, particularly underrepresented minorities, first-generation, and low income students.

End Family Violence

The mission of the Initiative to End Family Violence is to be the premier site for research, education, clinical care, and community collaboration on family violence prevention and intervention.

Exercise Medicine & Sport Sciences Initiative

This Initiative was established to promote scholarly activities and innovative discoveries in fields associated with movement, i.e. exercise medicine, sports science and rehabilitation and was dedicated to enhancing human health and wellness through teaching, basic and translational research, development of innovative technologies, service to the community, and clinical activities.

Infectious Disease Science Initiative

UCI Infectious Disease Science Initiative aims to position UCI as a global leader in research and education in infectious disease dynamics by fueling the development of new knowledge and insights into the dynamics of infectious diseases and drug resistance.

Medical Humanities Initiative

The Medical Humanities Initiative sought to advance a holistic understanding of the conditions and possibilities for health, healing, and well-being by uniting faculty from the School of Humanities, the School of Medicine, the School of Social Sciences and the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. Activities focused on promoting a healthcare model that was patient-centered, culturally sensitive, and responsive to community needs.


The Microbiome Initiative will promote multidisciplinary collaboration in the study and understanding of human and environmental microbiomes.


Oceans are important for the Earth System but are vulnerable to human impacts such as climate change, overfishing, and pollution. Across campus, researchers at UCI are tackling pressing marine and on-shore environmental concerns and investigating questions at both global and local scales.

Precision Health through Artificial Intelligence

UCI’s Precision Health through Artificial Intelligence Initiative aims to improve health and individualize care by harnessing innovative data driven technologies, including AI.

Salton Sea Initiative

The Salton Sea Initiative was part of the Water UCI and Sustainability Initiatives. This Initiative included a multidisciplinary group that built connections among communities concerned about the sustainability challenges facing the Salton Sea region.

Sustainability Initiative

The Sustainability Initiative provided a platform for interdisciplinary scholarship on the critical climate, environment, and resource issues confronting society. It promoted collaborations with diverse communities on and off campus in developing solutions to challenges affecting California and the globe.

Water UCI

The Water UCI Initiative helped to foster collaboration in the fields of fundamental and applied water science, technology, engineering, management and policy. The team concentrated on “grand challenges” – high-consequence, high-uncertainty problems that entail unprecedented mitigation costs, have the potential to generate social conflict, and may be approaching irreversibility