Program Development Contacts

Undergraduate Dean
Michael Dennin
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Dean of the Undergraduate Division


Graduate Dean
Gillian Hayes
Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Dean of the Graduate Division


Assistance in Preparing the Proposal
Celina Mojica
Director of Academic Initiatives
Graduate Division
(949) 824-5409


Thao Nguyen
Senate Analyst
Academic Senate
(949) 824-5163


Budget, Fee, & Campus Loan Contact
Katherine Warnke-Carpenter
Assistant Director, Academic Resource Planning
Office of Planning & Budget
(949) 824-6629

Office of Academic Planning
Paul Kang
Associate Vice Provost for Academic Planning
Accreditation Liaison Officer
Division of Academic Planning
(949) 824-7881


Sautra Yazdanian
Director of Academic Planning Projects
Division of Academic Planning


Market Research Contacts
Tim Keef
Director of Marketing and Communications
Division of Continuing Education
(949) 824-2308


Online Course Development Contact
Megan Linos
Director, Center for Instructional Design
Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation
(949) 824-9405


Library Contact
John Renaud
Associate University Librarian, Research Resources
(949) 824-5216