Step 1: Five-Year Planning Perspectives

STEP I. Five-Year Planning Perspectives (i.e., Perspectives)

Every other year (i.e., 2022, 2024, 2026, etc.) campuses submit to UCOP their respective Perspectives that list the anticipated actions to create and/or TCDD undergraduate degree programs, graduate degree programs, research units, schools, and colleges. Integrating lists from all ten campuses allows for systemwide analysis of academic plans and creates an opportunity to promote coordination, synergy, and specialization. The preliminary picture offered by the Perspectives is especially useful because this systemwide context can prompt valuable discussion in the early stages of proposal development. UCOP collects and analyzes Perspectives data, distributes it to select groups, and posts it on the UCOP website. The Academic Planning Council, select administrators, the Senate Divisions, and three systemwide Senate committees—the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA), the University Committee on Educational Policy (UCEP), and the University Committee on Planning and Budget (UCPB)—are the primary groups that provide commentary on the Perspectives.

 IMPORTANT: All planned program change actions start by being added to the Perspectives. Therefore, if there is any interest in new programs and program changes, the Division of Academic Program strongly recommends that interested parties add their planned change actions to the Perspectives.

How to get on Perspectives?

Perspectives Timeline (general timeline)

  1. Second week of January: UCOP to send emails to UC campus' to initiate 5YP Process
  2. Third Monday of winter quarter (of every other year): DAP sends out the call for planned program change actions and Perspectives to schools.
  3. Last Monday of February: Due date for schools to complete and submit their Perspectives.
  4. March: DAP reviews the Perspectives and forwards it to the Faculty Senate for review.
  5. April: Faculty Senate reviews and approves the Perspectives and forwards it to the Provost and Chancellor for review.
  6. May: Provost and Chancellor review and approve the Perspectives and forward it to UCOP for review by June 1.
  7. Fall quarter: UCOP review and decision.

Undergraduate Program Actions:

As per the UCOP Compendium, all actions involving undergraduate degree programs are administered by the individual campuses and do not undergo system-level review in exception of the following cases:

  1. establishment of a hybrid undergraduate/graduate degree program
  2. creation of an undergraduate degree title unique to the campus
  3. discontinuance of an undergraduate degree title that is the last of its kind on a campus;
  4. discontinuance of an undergraduate degree program that is the last of its kind in the UC system (Section IV.A).

In these cases please contact the Division of Academic Planning for further consultation.

Creating a New Program

Transfer, Consolidation, Disestablishment, Discontinuance (TCDD) of a Program, Unit, or School

Program Name Changes

Graduate Program Actions:

The Graduate Division's Academic Program Development site includes policies and detailed procedures for proposing actions related to academic programs and academic units.

New graduate degree program proposals require a comprehensive diversity plan. The Graduate Council website requires the Office of Inclusive Excellence endorsement of diversity plans before program proposals are submitted for review. For general Senate academic planning resources please visit the UCI Academic Senate.

Creating a New Program

Transfer, Consolidation, Disestablishment, Discontinuance (TCDD) of a Program, Unit, or School

Program Name Changes

New Schools and Colleges Proposal